Karen Gordon-Brown MBA, like her father and first best friend Joel Harold Gordon of Hartford, Connecticut each are HBCU graduates of Florida A&M University, each committed to community and the enhanced quality of life for all people especially Black Americans. Karen is her father’s daughter and has applied her liberal arts education and Journalism Bachelor of Science to researching, writing, producing, publishing, and educating. These works are all motivated by her ultimate quest to help make the world a better place.

Karen has been an “Intuitive Intrapreneur” during her corporate career spanning over 30 years starting in high-tech as a teenager. Preferring technology and engineering related roles, she intentionally turned down operations management promotions and instead, crafted deep-dive experiences for herself despite corporate culture hurdles. Having worked in all 3 sectors, she has earned certifications in several areas and has contributed to, or has led projects in the following industries:

Industrial & Commercial Films, Banking & Finance, Real Estate Syndication, Business Development & Consulting, Lending & Credit Software Development & Testing, Energy Legislation. Disaster Preparedness Health & Safety, Mass Transit Engineering, Public Works Commercial Airline Pilots. Super Fund Site Cleanup.

Now an entrepreneur, Karen shares her breadth of knowledge and experience as your Biz Funding Coach. Her work has culminated in a business accelerator driving business owners towards growth, increased revenue, and profits. She built the following business development and finance resources in sync with her ultimate quest.

BizFundingCoach.com            |    Revenue & Profit Strategy Implementation

BizOnlineUniversity                  |   Business Tools and eLearning System

BizAlternativeInvestments      |    Capital Partner & Investor Relations 

Biz Coach Karen is now hyper-focused on the potential of BIPOC businesses in Oakland California within the Black Cultural    Zone Community Development Corporation, the City of Oakland, CA and the Black Economy Network at large.  


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