Karen Gordon-Brown, MBA

Profitability Strategist & Certified Coach

My goal as your coach is straightforward – to help serious business owners see a dramatic and immediate increase in leads, sales, revenue, and profits.  Through my one-on-one sessions and workshops, I’ll provide you with the tools, resources and training that will make your business the dominant player in your market.  I have a system that is tried, proven, tested and true.  It’s being used right now by businesses all around the country who can choose to leverage 0% debt, private equity, or both as strategies for growth and expansion. And as you grow, I will provide methods for you to train and cultivate a loyal, competent, and effective staff while creating a physically and emotionally safe, trusting, and supportive company culture.  

My mission as a business professor and as your coach is informed by the gurus of business development, performance, and total quality management.  Classic titans like Toyada a.k.a. Toyota, B.T. Washington, Juran, Blanchard, Mager, Covey, Deming, D. Carnegie, and the like have helped successful business owners around the world “run-a-tight-ship” including sending the United States to the moon.

I look forward to growing your business with you,

Biz Funding Coach Karen



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